Mena Q is the first & the only vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7)  in the Egyptian market  (The Only Anti Vascular Calcification Supplement)


Mena Q directing Calcium to its right place by preventing Calcium deposition on blood vessels wall & soft tissues for healthier blood vessels and lower incidence of cardiovascular complications

And enhancing Calcium deposition in bones for stronger bones & decreasing risk of fracture


Mena Q provides 2 concentrations 45 & 90micrograms in capsule form


It consists of:


Active ingredient

45 mcg – 90 mcg

Vitamin K2 – Menaquinone -7



  • For cardiovascular disease patient (Atherosclerosis, Aortic Stenosis, Arterial Stiffness & Coronary Heart Disease)
  • For osteopenia and osteoporosis management
  • For chronic kidney disease patients, lowering incidence of vascular calcification complications & osteoporosis
  • For diabetic patients, to prevent peripheral arterials disease & increase insulin sensitivity