The 1st Functional Food in the form of Complete Hematinic Liquid Chocolate, by Micro-Encapsulation Technology Belonging to The Novel Iron Preparations, to Provide Maximum Bioavailability to Give High Efficacy with Excellent Tolerability without Any Side Effects as with Traditional Iron Preparations to Support the Normal Formation of Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin to Maintain Cognitive Skills, Daily Physical Activities and Strong Immunity.


Integrated formula to support the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, by providing the body with its daily needs of: 


Active Ingredients


Active Ingredients

2 mg

Vitamin B5

6 mg

Iron (Fully reacted amino acid chelate)

1.7 mg

Vitamin B6

2.5 mg

Zinc (Fully reacted amino acid chelate)

8 mcg

Vitamin B7

30 mg

Vitamin C

20 mg

Vitamin B8

4.67 mg

Vitamin E

200 mcg

Vitamin B9

0.6 mg

Vitamin B1

0.8 mcg

Vitamin B12

0.4 mg

Vitamin B2



5.33 mg

Vitamin B3



  • Iron deficiency
  • Iron deficiency anemia